WotLK Skinning Guide (1-450)

Skinning Guide

Patch: 3.3.5

Author: Darkspy13

WotLK Skinning Guide (1-450)

Wrath Skinning Guide


This Wotlk Skinning guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Skinnig skill from 1 to 450.

Start off by visiting any Skinning Trainer to learn Apprentice Skinning.

Levels 0-60

At 60 visit learn the next rank of Skinning.

Dun Morogh


Levels 60-110

You will need to ride this zone out until you hit 110.

Loch Modan


Levels 110-185

When you reach 150, you will have to visit your trainer.



Levels 185-205


Dustwallow Marsh

Levels 205-265

Thousand Needles

Thousand Needles Skinning map

Levels 265-300

Un’Goro Crater

Un'Goro Skinning map

Levels 300-360

Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula skinning guide's map


Nagrand skinning guide's map

Levels 360-450

Learn Skinning Grand Master.

Borean Tundra

Borean Tundra map

Sholazar Basin

sholazar basin map