TBC Alchemy Guide

Alchemy Guide

Patch: 2.4.3

Author: Unknown

TBC Alchemy Guide

TBC Alchemy Guide


This TBC Alchemy guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Alchemy skill from 1 to 375.

Materials Required

Levels 1-55

Make 60 minor healing potions

Save the potions for later.

Levels 55-90

Make 45 lesser healing potions.

You now have to keep skilling on this yellow one. Until you get 90 in skill.

Levels 90-110

Make 30 Elixir of wisdow.

Levels 110-135

Make 36 Healing potions.

Levels 135-145

Make 15 Lesser mana potions.

Levels 145-155

Make as many Strong Troll’s blood elixir’s as needed to get to 155.

Levels 155-185

Yellow time again, make as many Greater healing potions as required to get to 185.

Levels 185-205

Make 30 Elixir of Agility.

Levels 205-215

15 Elixir of greater defense.

Levels 215-230

24 Superior healing potions.

Levels 230-245

Make 24 Elixir of detect undead.

Levels 245-260

Make 15 elixir of greater agility

(Keep making these to 260)

Levels 260-275

Make 21 superior mana potions.

Levels 275-300

It’s yellow time, again. Make Major healing potion until you hit 300.

Once you get to 300, you must venture to Thrallmar. Talk to the alchemist there and learn up to 375.

Levels 300-315

Make 24 Volatile healing potions.

Levels 315-326

Make 15 Unstable mana potions.

Levels 326-336

Make 15 Mad alchemist’s potions.

Levels 336-340

Make 6 super healing potions.

Levels 340-355

Make 24 Super mana potions.

Levels 355-375

Make dreamless sleep potions until you hit 375.