Wotlk Lockpicking Guide


Wotlk Lockpicking Guide

LockPicking Guide

Patch: 3.3.5

Author: Legacy-WoW

Wotlk Lockpicking Guide

Wrath Lock Picking Guide


This WotLK WoW Lockpicking guide will help you get to 400 Lockpicking in no time!
Lockpicking is a great skill to level up, even though it does get skipped a lot.
For a few hours of time, you can see huge returns!
You will be able to open locked chests in dungeons, pop open locked doors and of course, open lockboxes for all of your friends!

This Lockpicking leveling guide will get you there in no time, so let’s dive right in!

First you should pick up Glyph of Pick Lock, this is super helpful!
It reduces the time spent picking locks to instant, which is huge!
Thankfully it is a minor glyph, so you don’t have to worry about it reducing your combat abilities.

I also recommend picking up Glyph of Pick Pocket, this is also helpful!
It increases the range of Pick Pocket by 5 yards, which makes it a lot easier to Pick Pocket mobs around your level.

Classic lockpicking levels

Levels 1 – 100

These first lockboxes respawn really quickly!
So skilling up from 1 to 100 will be really fast and easy.


These chests are located on the ship near Rachet in The Barrens.
They are on the first floor below the deck, you have to walk around the corner after walking down the stairs to find them.
The only catch is that they can turn you into a rat…


The alliance location is really easy to get to. The downside is that you get frozen sometimes and that will slow down your progress. Other than that though, 1 to 100 is really fast!

Levels 100 – 150

go to Ashenvale – Zoram Strand, you will find [Waterlogged Footlocker] there, which you can use to level up to 150.
This is a pain because the boxes randomly spawn up and down the strand and can be really spaced out.

Levels 150 – 170

After 150 go to Hillsbard Foothills – Durnholde Keep and lock pick [Battered Footlocker] up to 175. This area is a much smaller area, which is nice.

Levels 170 – 225

Next, we are headed to the Badlands, more specifically: Angor Fortress. You will find two kinds of footlockers here. Upstairs you will find Battered Footlocker which you can open with your 170 lockpicking. Downstairs will have Dented Footlockers, which will require 175 lockpicking, meaning you need to start upstairs and then work your way downstairs.

Don’t bother trying to Pickpocket the mobs, the boxes they carry will not level you anymore.

Levels 225 – 250

Go to the middle of Searing Gorge and then down into the caves. Once inside the caves you can Pickpocket the mobs to get [Sturdy Junkbox]‘s while looking around for [Dented Footlocker]‘s to open.

[Dented Footlocker] – There are two kinds of Footlockers with the same name, one of them turns green at 250, the other turns green at 275.

Levels 250 – 300

  • [Scarlet Footlockers] – Tyr’s Hand (Eastern Plagueland)

Next, we are off to Eastern Plaguelands, specifically Tyr’s Hand in the bottom right-hand corner of Eastern Plaguelands.
Pickpocket the mobs for lockboxes and also loop around opening all of the [Scarlet Footlockers].
In the time it takes to do a full circle, the footlockers at the starting point of your circle will have respawned.
These are a lot easier to find than the lockboxes on Zoram’s Strand, so this should be a more pleasant experience.

Burning Crusade Levels

Levels 300 – 325

Now we are heading to Zangermarsh!
Welcome to outland lockpicking!
Getting through those classic levels was a journey but it’s over now!
Head over to Feralfen Village in Zangermash, here you should be able to find [Wicker Chest]‘s to open.
Make sure to check inside of the little huts for baskets there too!
You can also Pickpocket the humanoid mobs (Feralfen guys) for [Strong Junkbox], which will help you hit level 325.

Levels 325 – 385

Enough of that dreary swamp, time to head over to the green hills of Nagrand!
We will be looking for [Dented Footlocker]‘s and Pickpocketing orcs for more [Strong Junkbox]‘s.
The place to be here is Kil’sorrow Fortress, which is in the south-eastern corner of Nagrand.

Pick some more pockets for Strong Junkbox and keep an eye out for Dented Footlockers.
Together these will get you to 385.
Once you reach 385, it’s finally time to head to Northrend!

Wrath of the Lich King Levels

Levels 385 – 400

This last part is honestly the easiest part, so you should make pretty quick work of it.
At this point your lockpicking skill has also become useful, so even getting this far is an accomplishment.

Now, We have two options here,
Either, head over to Onslaught Harbor and run around opening [Scarlet Onslaught Trunk]‘s until you hit 400.


  • [Reinforced Junkboxe] – Ymirheim (Icecrown)

Head over to Ymirheim, the Vrykul settlement in the center of Icecrown and Pickpocket humanoids for [Reinforced Junkbox].
These will take you all the way to 400 as well.
Once you get in the groove, you will be 400 in no time!

Now go open some lockboxes for your friends!

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Rudy Stubbs

I’m at a loss to see how completing the poisons quest advances lockpicking skill


If you didn’t figure it out yet, you need to remove the book from the inventory to lockpick the chest again in Westfall. Found a macro that deletes the book automatically.

/run for b=0,4 do for s=1,36 do n=GetContainerItemLink(b,s);if n and string.find(n,”Klaven Mortwake’s Journal”) then PickupContainerItem(b,s);DeleteCursorItem();end;end;end;

Just put it on the bar and spam it and lockpick the chest again.


What’s the point of these tiny images? Can’t see shit for marks.