All Profession Bonuses in Wotlk


All Profession Bonuses in Wotlk

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Patch: 1.12

Author: Legacy-WoW

All Profession Bonuses in Wotlk

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As the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic approaches, we are faced with the decision of which professions to choose. Wrath of the Lich King will bring new bonuses for professions, these are perks that you receive based on your specific profession. The perk may be more hit points, the ability to enchant your ring or the ability to ride on a magic carpet! The sky is the limit with these perks and I’m going to go through what perks you will receive for every profession!

Some of these perks favor raiders and others will be better for those that engage in PVP. Due to the diversity of play, there isn’t one profession that is just the best for everyone, so you will have to decide which profession fits your playstyle but with that being said, let’s get right into it!

Alchemy Bonuses

Alchemy allows you to make trinkets that can only be worn by Alchemists. This was available in TBC but the stats on the trinkets have been upgraded!

Blacksmithing Bonuses

Blacksmithing allows you to add an extra socket to your Gloves and Bracers! This is definitely a top tier bonus!

Enchanting Bonuses

Enchanting allows you to enchant both of your rings! This was around in TBC but the enchants have been enhanced for Wotlk!

Engineering Bonuses

Engineering doesn’t have great bonuses in the way of stats for your character. Instead you get a bunch of really cool toys to play with. A fun profession to have but probably not the best to min-max with.

Herbalism Bonuses

Herbalism has a really cool heal-over-time spell. This can pair well with vanish on a rogue for a little extra healing. Definitely a cool perk!

  • Lifeblood – Heals for 3600 over 5 seconds (Based on max health), 3 minute Cooldown

Inscription Bonuses

Inscription is the new profession added in Wrath of the Lich King. Inscription allows you to make Glyph, which are a great new form of character customization. Inscription allows you to create powerful shoulder enchantments, there are a bunch of different stat combinations, so I’m only going to list a couple.

Jewelcrafting Bonuses

Jewelcrafting comes with 18 Jewelcrafter specific gems, these are epic gems that only jewelcrafters can use. This is definitely one of the best bonuses given by any profession and is my personal favorite. You can only have 3 of these gem’s equipped at once but they do add up to a nice stat bonus, similar in power to blacksmithing and enchanting.

Since there are so many Jewelcrafter specific epic gems, I’m only going to list some of my favorite below, you can click here to see all of them.

Leatherworking Bonuses

Leatherworking is another great profession choice, Leatherworking allows you to enchant your bracers with Fur Lining, giving really nice stat bonuses! This pairs really well with Skinning for rogues, you end up with a nice stat bonus, just from your professions!

Mining Bonuses

Mining is a great profession for tanks, as it gives a straight HP bonus (+60 stamina). You don’t have to enchant or equip anything, it’s just a passive bonus you receive as you level mining!

Skinning Bonuses

Skinning is a great profession for rogues or really anyone that needs critical strike rating. As you level skinning, you gain a passive critical strike bonus that goes up to 25!

Tailoring Bonuses

Tailoring is a really fun profession to level and it has two bonuses. The first is the cloak enchants that give you stat boosts, these can be great for min-maxing your character! The other perk is that you get to ride on a flying carpet!

That about wraps it up as far as Profession bonuses are concerned. I feel like Blizzard did a great job with profession bonuses, they really make something that is fun and optional very useful and will get more people out there leveling professions!

Thanks for joining me on this guide through the Wrath of the Lich King profession bonuses and I’ll see you in the next one!


What bonus does skinning give in Wotlk?

Skinning gives Master of Anatomy which is a bonus 25 attack rating!

What bonus does Tailoring give in Wotlk?

Tailoring allows you to ride a Magnificent Flying Carpet and also allows you to add an Embroidery to your cloak! The embroideries are: Darkglow Embroidery, Lightweave Embroidery, Swordguard Embroidery

What bonus does Mining give in Wotlk?

Mining in Wrath of the Lich King gives Toughness as a bonus which increases your stamina by 60

What bonus does Leatherworking give in Wotlk?

Leatherworking allows you to enchant your bracers with fur lining! This will give you a nice stat boost over a regular enchant. The most common fur linings are: Fur Lining: Attack Power, Fur Lining: Spell Powe, Fur Lining: Stamina

What bonus does Jewelcrafting give in Wotlk?

Jewelcrafting in Wrath of the Lich King allows you to equip 3 epic Jewelcrafter only gems. The most popular gems are: Solid Dragon’s eye, Bold Dragon’s eye, Runed Dragon’s eye, Thick Dragon’s eye

What bonus does Inscription give in Wotlk?

Inscription allows you to enchant your shoulders with better inscriptions! These are stronger than the ones you would get from The Sons of Hodir and some of the popular ones are: Master’s Inscription of the Pinnacle, Master’s Inscription of the Crag

What bonus does Herbalism give in Wotlk?

Herbalism gives Lifeblood which is a heal over time spell!

What bonus does Blacksmithing give in Wotlk?

Blacksmithing allows you to add an extra socket to your gloves and bracers in Wotlk. The spells are: Socket Bracer, Socket Gloves

What bonus does Enchanting give in Wotlk?

Enchanting allows you to enchant your rings! Other classes cannot have their rings enchanted, so this is a nice stat boost!

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