WotLK Engineering Guide (1-450)

Engineering Guide

Patch: 3.3.5

Author: Beloth

WotLK Engineering Guide (1-450)

Wrath Engineering Guide


Engineering is a primary crafting profession that can create as many useful items including end level epic helms, guns, bullets, arrows and scopes. Looking at that list it’s no wonder that many hunters will find engineering useful but other classes will also find interesting items as an Engineer. The ability to harvest “clouds” for motes and crystallized elements, the Mechano-hog and Mekgineer’s Chopper for example.

List of Materials

Hopefully you’ve taken mining as a second profession or you have access to a miner otherwise Engineering will be an expensive profession to take all the way to 450. I’ve worked some leeway into the guide, often by making extra when the recipe has turn yellow just incase you don’t get a skill point. This means that there maybe some left over materials by the end.

There are occasions when you might need to buy extra. The Gnomish Knife at the end is a prime example of this. I’ve also not included the materials need to make the epic engineering helm as it is dependant on which you want to make for yourself.

20 Rough Stone
20 Coarse Stone
40 Heavy Stone
180 Solid Stone
100 Dense Stone

40 Linen Cloth
80 Wool Cloth
10 Mageweave Cloth
20 Rune Cloth
8 Frostweave Cloth

114 Copper Bars
15 Silver Bars
100 Bronze Bars
4 Steel Bars
165 Mithril Bars
130 Thorium Bars
80 Fel Iron Bars
80 Adamantite Bars
20 Felsteel Bars
334 Cobalt Bars
545 Saronite Bars

20 Medium Leather
30 Borean Leather

34 Weak Flux
30 Skinning Knives
30 Minning Picks
30 Blacksmith Hammers

30 Mote of Earth
15 Mote of Fire
33 Crystallized Water
10 Crystallized Earth
15 Eternal Shadow


Skill LevelItems to makeItems NeededNotes
1-2120 x Rough Blasting Powder20 x Rough StoneKeep for later
21-3110 x Rough Dynamite20 Rough Blasting Powder
10 Linen Cloth
Sell or use then visit the trainer
31-5030 x Handful of Copper Bolts30 Copper BarsYou will need 30 bolts later. The recipe will go yellow at 45 but by making 30 you should get to 50
50-511 x Arclight Spanner6 Copper BarsThis is a tool you need to keep
51-7524 x Copper Tube48 Copper bar
24 Weak Flux
75-9020 x Course Blasting Powder20 Coarse StoneThis goes yellow at 85 so keep going until you get to 90.
You shouldn’t need more than the 20 which you will use later so keep them
90-10015 x Copper Modulator30 Handful Copper Bolts
15 Copper Bar
30 Linen Cloth
Only do enough to get to 100 as you don’t need these for anything else or keep them as extra points
100-11015 x Silver Contacts15 Silver BarKeep these for later. Again you might get more points as it goes yellow at 110
110-12010 x Bronze Tubes20 Bronze Bar
10 Weak Flux
If you have got any extra points from before this you could only do enough to get to 120
120-1255 x Large Copper Bombs15 Copper bars
20 Coarse Blasting Powder
5 silver contacts
Visit the trainer time after this
125-15040 x Heavy Blasting Powder
20 x Whirring Bronze Gizmo
40 Heavy Stone
40 Bronze Bar
20 Wool Cloth
Both recipes go green around 145 but as you will need 40 powders and 20 gizmos for later so you
should be able to get to 150
150-15520 x Bronze Framework40 Bronze Bar
20 Medium Leather
20 Wool Cloth
Again you will need 20 frameworks later so you might get further than 155
155-17520 x Explosive Sheep40 Heavy Blasting Powder
20 Whirring Bronze Gizmo
20 Bronze Framework
40 Wool Cloth
175-1761 X Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor4 Steel BarsAnother tool for you to keep
176-19590 x Solid Blasting Powder180 Solid StoneWith such large amount needed later you should get to the point where this recipe is greyed out.
Keep going till you’ve got the 90 powders you need for later
195-20515 x Mithril Tubes45 Mithril BarThis recipe is yellow do enough to get you to 205
Also time to visit the trainer after this
205-21010 x Unstable Triggers10 Mithril Bar
10 Mageweave Cloth
10 Solid Blasting Powder
Again you might get more points that needed but you will need 10 triggers later
210-22530 x Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs30 Mithril Bar
30 Solid Blasting Powder
Stop making the slugs when you get to 225 unless you want some points extra.
225-23520 x Mithril Casings60 Mithril BarAgain you might get more points that needed but you will need 20 castings later
235-24510 x Hi-Explosive Bomb20 Mithril Casings
10 Unstable Trigger
20 Solid Blasting Powder
245-25010 x Mithril Gyro-Shot20 Mithril Bar
20 Solid Blasting Powder
No need to make more if you get to 250.
250-26050 x Dense Blasting Powder100 Dense StoneYou need at least 20 but it goes green at 255 so make as many as needed to get to 260
260-28020 x Thorium Widget60 Thorium Bar
20 Runecloth
280-2855 x Thorium Tube30 Thorium Bar
285-30020 x Thorium Shells40 Thorium Bar
20 Dense Blasting Powder
Goes yellow at 295 so only make as many as you need to get to 300
Time to go to Outlands and find a trainer
300-31050 x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts50 Fel Iron BarLots needed so keep going till grey
310-32010 x Fel Iron Casing
15 x 4 Elemental Blasting Powder
30 Fel Iron Bar
30 Mote of Earth
15 Mote of Fire
You need at least 5 casings and 25 powders but probably more due to Fel iron Bomb already being
yellow at 320. So make at least 10 casings and 10 powders. If you haven’t managed to get to 320 you
might want to risk moving on to the Fel iron bombs as there is a chance to make some points up.
320-32510 x Fel Iron Bomb10 Fel Iron Casing
20 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
10 Elemental Blasting Powder
This is already yellow but you would be very unlucky not to get 5 points from 10 attempts.
325-34020 x 3 Adamantite Grenade80 Adamantite Bar
20 Elemental Blasting Powder
40 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
Only make enough to get to 340 as it goes yellow at 335
340-35010 x Felsteel Stabilizer20 Felsteel BarTime to find a trainer in Northrend
350-37035 x 1-3 Handful of Cobalt Bolts70 Cobalt BarYou’ll need around 50 bolts for later so keeping going until you get enough
370-37518 x 2 Volatile Blasting Trigger54 Cobalt Bar
18 Crystallized Water
You’ll need a minimum of 25 triggers for later but we’ll make 36 (18×2) as some of the recipes will go yellow and extras may be needed
375-38010 x Overcharged Capacitor40 Cobalt Bar
10 Crystallized Earth
You’ll need 10 capacitors later so keep going passed 380
380-38510 x Hammer Pick50 Cobalt BarOnly make enough to get to 385. If you’re a miner keep 1 to replace your pick and hammer.
385-3908 x Explosive Decoy8 Frostweave Cloth
24 Volatile Blasting Trigger
This is one of the yellow recipes that uses the triggers, so only make enough to get to 390
390-40015 x Froststeel Tube120 Cobalt Bar
15 Crystallized Water
You might not need all 15 so you can stop once you get to 400 and then come back to make more if needed for later recipes
400-4055 x Diamond-cut Refractor Scope5 Froststeel Tube
10 Handful of Cobalt Bolts
405-41515 x 2-4Saronite Bomb65 Saronite Bar
15 Volatile Blasting Trigger
Another of the yellow recipes that uses the triggers, so just make enough to get to 415
415-4205 x 5 Mana Injector Kit60 Saronite Bar
10 Crystallized Water
420-43015 x Mechanized Snow Goggles120 Saronite Bar
30 Borean Leather
15 Eternal Shadow
Goes yellow at 425 so you might not need all 15 to get to 430
430-4355 x Noise Machine10 Froststeel Tube
10 Overcharged Capacitor
40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts
435-44515 x Gnomish Army Knife150 Saronite Bar
15 Skinning Knife
15 Minning Pick
15 Blacksmithing Hammer
Stop when you get to 445 to make the your engineering helm (assuming you want it)
445-4461 x Engineering helm exampleMaterials are dependant on what helm you wantI’m assuming that since you’ve gotten this far you will want the engineering helm
446-45015 x Gnomish Army Knife150 Saronite Bar
15 Skinning Knife
15 Minning Pick
15 Blacksmithing Hammer
To get to the last couple of points is very expensive as the only really viable recipe to use
is the Gnomish Army Knife which unfortunately goes green at 445.
So just keep grinding them out till you get there. I would say at least 15-20 might be necessary..
unless you are very unlucky.


This really is the end.. honest

I hope you found this guide useful.