Vanilla WoW Fishing Guide (1-300)

Fishing Guide

Patch: 1.12

Author: El

Vanilla WoW Fishing Guide (1-300)

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This Vanilla WoW fishing guide will show you how to get from 1-300 fishing as fast as possible!
It also contains a lot of extra information to help you make money or accomplish other fishing goals.

Fishing 1-50

Buy some shiny baubles and fish in the Durotar river or Elwynn forest.

Fishing 50-100

Fish in the pools of wreckage off the pier in Ratchet. The crates give low-medium level trade good mats which sell quite well. You will need to use shiny baubles until you reach 75 skill.

Fishing 100-175 (Horde)

If you’re Horde, go to Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands, do the quest ‘Snapjaws Mon!’ from the fisherman at the pier to get a fishing rod with +25 skill. Then get some aquadynamic fish attractors (engineers can make these, fishing vendors often sell these on limited supply), and fish in the Cape of Stranglethorn. The coastline has pools of stonescale eels which sell very well, as well as wreckage pools. You can also fish inland for greater sagefish, which also sell for a nice profit when cooked. Once you hit 125 fishing you can start using bright baubles instead of the fish attractors.

Fishing 125-200 (Alliance)

Alliance can’t get the pimp fishing rod, so you’ll have to fish in ratchet for another 20 skill points, then get hold of a strong fishing pole (+5 fishing) and follow the previous paragraph. Alternatively, you can look on the AH for a Big Iron Fishing Pole (+20 fishing).

Fishing 175-300 (Horde)

Go to the Tanaris coast, with a stock of aquadynamic fish attractors, and start fishin’. Stonescale eel pools are abundant here, and I find fishing in this zone to be a great way of earning gold. Once you hit 200 fishing you can switch to bright baubles.

Fishing 200-300 (Alliance)

Same as before, keep fishing in Stranglethorn until you reach 200 skill (less if you have a strong/big iron rod), then follow the above paragraph.

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