Onyxia Attunement Guide - Horde


Onyxia Attunement Guide – Horde

Attunement Guide

Patch: 1.12

Author: Legacy-WoW

Onyxia Attunement Guide – Horde

Attunement Guides


This guide will walk you through getting attuned for Onyxia. The attunement process for Onyxia revolves around completing a fairly long quest chain.

Warlord’s Command

To start the attunement proccess pick up the quest Warlord’s Command from Warlord Goretooth  in Kargath. He will ask you to enter Blackrock Spire and kill Highlord OmokkWar Master VooneOverlord Wyrmthalak and also retrieve the Important Blackrock Documents which spawn behind one of these three bosses. Once you have completed the quest return to Warlord Goretooth in Kargath.

Important Blackrock Documents

Eitrigg’s Wisdom

Goretooth will give you the quest Eitrigg’s Wisdom. head to Orgrimmar and speak with Eitrigg who is found inside Throll’s Chambers. Once you have spoken with Eitrigg turn the quest into Thrall.

For The Horde!

Thrall then gives you the quest For The Horde! which requires you to enter upper Blackrock Spire and kill Warchief Rend Blackhand. Once you kill him collect the Head of Rend Blackhand and return to Thrall for the next quest.

What the Wind Carries

Once you return to Thrall he will give you What the Wind Carries, this quest just requires you to listen to his story. After listening to thrall’s tale he will give you the quest The Champion of the Horde.

The Champion of the Horde


This quest will have you journey to Desolace and speak with Rokaro in Shadowprey Village. Rokaro will tell you all about Rexxar, thrall’s most loyal champion. Head to Rexxar to complete this quest, he can be found walking up and down the road in desolace. He travels from the very north part of Desolace all the way down to the entrance to Feralas.

Rexxar’s path

Rexxar’s Testament

Once you find and talk to Rexxar he will give you Rexxar’s Testament and ask you to turn it into Myranda the Hag in Western Plaguelands. She will then teach you to disguise yourself to fool the Black Dragonflight.

Myranda the Hag

Oculus Illusions

Myranda the Hag will give you the quest Oculus Illusions and ask you to collect 20 Black Dragonspawn Eye to help create the disguise. These eyes can only be obtained by killing black dragonkin located inside Blackrock Spire. This will require you to join or create a group to run the dungeon. Once you have collected 20 of the eyes return to Myranda to finish the quest and get your disguise.


After you hand your quest in to Myranda she will give you an Amulet of Draconic Subversion which you can use to disguise yourself as a member of the black dragonflight.

You will then be required to travel to Emberstrife’s Den which is a cave located in Dustwallow Marsh. Once you arrive use your disguise and speak with Emberstrife near the back of the cave.

Emberstrife’s Cave

Test of Skulls

Emberstrife will give you three quests which require you to bring back the skulls of champions from the other Dragonflights. The quests are The Test of Skulls, Chronalis, The Test of Skulls, Scryer and The Test of Skulls, Somnus. You will need a group to kill each of these dragons as they are quite difficult. These quests can be completed in a raid group.


Once you return to Emberstrife with all 3 skulls he will send you on a final quest The Test of Skulls, Axtroz. This quest requires you to kill Axtroz the champion of the Red Dragonflight. He can be found near Grim Batol in the Wetlands.



Once Emberstrife has all 3 skulls he will craft the Dull Drakefire Amulet. He will ask you to present this medallion to his leader General Drakkisath inside Blackrock Spire. The disguise will not work inside of Blackrock Spire so you will need to talk with Rexxar to find out what to do next. He is still walking up and down the road in Desolace.

Blood of the Black Dragon Champion

Rexxar will give you the quest Blood of the Black Dragon Champion, this quest requires you to form a 10 man group and enter Upper Blackrock Spire. You then need to find and defeat General Drakkisath who will drop Blood of the Black Dragon Champion.

General Drakkisath

Once you have the blood return to Rexxar and he will give you the Drakefire Amulet. You will have to carry this amulet any time you attempt to enter Onyxia’s Lair.

Congratulations! You are now attuned for Onyxia’s Lair!

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