WotLK Herbalism Guide

Herbalism Guide

Patch: 3.3.5

Author: Legacy-WoW

WotLK Herbalism Guide

Wrath Herbalism Guide


This Wotlk Herbalism guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Herbalism skill from 1 to 450. Wrath of the Lich King brought Northrend, which has a ton of new herbs to be picked! It also brought a new skill, Inscription, which uses our herbs! This makes Herbalism even better because now 2 professions use the herbs we pick!

Professions to pair with Herbalism

These are professions that go really well with Herbalism. You will need to gather extra herbs to level them but they both come with really good benefits and should be considered if you are already picking up Herbalism!


Alchemy goes really well with Herbalism because it requires herbs to make potions, elixers and flasks! Alchemy can bring the cost of raid consumables down significantly and can be a good money maker!


Inscription also goes well with Herbalism because you have to mill the herbs to get inks and pigments used to make glyphs. Inscription can be a good money-making profession because everyone needs glyphs!

Required Level to Gather

Helpful tips

Use Find Herbs

Use your ‘Find Herbs’ tool while leveling, do this by left clicking on the icon connected to your minimap and going down to ‘Find Herbs’:

Find Herb

Use Click to Move

Use ‘Click to Move’ in your Interface->Mouse options. It will let you click an herb in the distance and will walk your character there. Upon arrival your character will loot the herb. This can be very convenient for picking herbs. You can even click to loot an herb while you are mounted, and will be auto dismounted upon arrival!

Use Gather Mate

Finally, make sure you have Gather Mate (or Gatherer) installed and set up before starting your Herbalism journey. This addon allows you to record your personal route (it records the herb locations) and optimize your route around the herbs you personally find.

Herbalism Levels 1-75

To start with, we will be picking Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot, and Mageroyal until level 75. You can pick these in just about any starter zone but I’m going to list the best zones and routes based on your faction/race below.

Just a quick note, try to avoid collecting Silverleaf because it’s pretty worthless. If you need it for Alchemy or Inscription, I recommend buying it off the AH instead of spending the time picking it. You have to pick it to start out with but after that, I would just run past it for better herbs.


As an Alliance, you pretty much want to start leveling Herbalism in Elwynn forest using this route.

Gnomes and Dwarves should take the tram to Stormwind because Elwynn forest is just such a good place to level Herbalism.

ElwynnForest Herbalism

Night elves on the other hand can start in Teldrassil because it’s really good and a lot closer to where they start out. This path makes a figure eight and is the best one I’ve found.

Teldrassil Herbalism


Draenie can either begin Herbalism in their own area or head over to Teldrassil and use the route in that area. Both are good areas for starting Herbalism.


Horde should begin Herbalism in Durotar using this route. Durotar is one of the fastest zones for leveling Herbalism and even if it just looks like a rocky wasteland it has a ton of herb spawns. I would recommend starting Herbalism here even if I weren’t an Orc or Troll.

Durotar Herbalism

Tauren start out in Mulgore which is a great place to level Herbalism as well. Just follow this path and you should be 75 in no time!

Mulgore Herbalism

Undead can gather herbs in Tirisfal glades. It happens to also be a very good place to level herbalism to level 75. Just avoid Scarlet Monastery, Deathknell and the Undercity. If you follow this route you should be level 75 in no time.

Tirisfal Glades Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 75-150

After reaching level 75 Herbalism, you need to head back to your trainer to learn Journeyman Herbalism. Otherwise, you will hit the cap and continue gathering herbs without getting levels. Once you learn Journeyman Herbalism and raise your cap, it’s time to head to the next zone and gather more Herbs!


For Horde, the Barrens is going to be the best place to level from 75-150. At level 75 you should follow this route in Northern barrens to get level 135.

North Barrens Herbalism

At level 135, it will be time to leave the northern Barrens and head down to the Southern Barrens. This route should be the best. Although, if this route begins to feel slow, you can head
on over to Wetlands or Hillsbrad a bit early. This should give you a nice change of scenery and keep things fresh!

South Barrens Herbalism



For Alliance we will be heading to Westfall for levels 75-150. You can follow this route until level 135 and then head to Wetlands for a change of scenery. You can also continue to level all the way to 150 in Westfall. Personally, I enjoy the change of scenery, but it is really up to you.

Westfall Herbalism


Herbalism Levels 150-170

At this point the Horde and Alliance paths have merged and we will be heading to either Wetlands or Hillsbrad Foothills. You can just pick whichever zone is closer to you. Here we are going to be collecting Briarthorn, Kingsblood, and Liferoot.

If you decide to head to Wetlands you will be right next to Arathi Highlands where you will be continuing the journey from 170 to 225. Keep in mind, that the herbs we are gathering at this point are somewhat valuable and can be sold on the Auction house for a decent profit.

Wetlands Herbalism

Instead of Wetlands, you can go to Hillsbrad foothills, which is also close to Arathi Highlands. I think it just comes down to which zone is easier to get to and which one do you want to spend some quality time in. Hillsbrad Foothills usually has a decent amount of PVP, so it can be an interesting zone for sure.

Hillsbrad Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 170-225

Arathi Highlands is the place to be for leveling herbalism from 170 to 225. You will need to spend a lot of time in Arathi gathering Bruiseweed, Liferoot, Wild Steelbloom, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, and Khadgar’s Whiskers. We stay in Arathi Highlands until level 225. I don’t recommend leaving early because you will have a hard time finding a more efficient zone to level in. Another bonus is that Goldthorn usually sells really well in the Auction House.

Arathi Herbalism

After you are level 225 Herbalism, you need to train Artisan Herbalism which will allow you to level Herbalism to level 300. You can either learn this from Dorothy in Dalaran or in Booty Bay. Horde and Alliance can talk to Flora Silverwind in Booty bay east of the Alliance Gryphon Master.

Herbalism Levels 225-275

At level 225, we are heading to Feralas and gathering Goldthorn and Liferoot until level 230. At that point you can start gathering the Sungrass that you had to pass up until now. At this point we should be collecting Goldthorn, Sungrass, Purple Lotus, Liferoot, and Golden sansam. We will be hanging out in Feralas until level 275. Just a side note, Alchemists require a ton of Sungrass, so you can save it if you plan to level Alchemy or sell it for a lot on the Auction House.

Feralas Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 275-300

Whew, we are almost to the end of the Classic levels! Now we are heading to Western Plagueland to level all of the way to 300. At 300 we will be heading to Hellfire in the Outlands! This route starts out by entering from Tirisfal Glades or Chillwind camp and doing a loop. You will have to run past Plaguebloom at fisrt but keep track of where it is because you will be going back to grab it later on. Eventually, you will hit level 285 and be able to grab all of that plaguebloom. Your levels start going up really fast once you can grab the plaguebloom.

WPL Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 300-350

Finally we made it to Outland!! At this point, you will need to raise your Herbalism cap by learning Master Herbalist, which unlocks up to level 350 Herbalism.

Each faction’s Outland Herbalism trainer is located at:

You should stay in Hellfire Peninsula from level 300 all the way up to level 350. This route in Hellfire Peninsula is my favorite and should get you to 350 Herbalism without a problem. Since this guide’s focus is on getting 450 as quickly as possible, there is really no need to go anywhere else in Outland. If you do need herbs for leveling inscription or Alchemy from the other zones, you can move to them as you level to 375 in Outlands.

Hellfire Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 350-400

Once you hit 350 Herbalism, it is time to learn Grand Master Herbalist, which allows you to continue leveling up to 450. You can either talk to the trainer right after you get off the boat in Northrend or you can talk to Dorothy in Dalaran.

The trainers who teach Grand Master Herbalist(level 350) are:

After you raise your cap, it’s time to start collecting Goldclover in Northrend. Goldclover will take you to level 400 and gets you most of the way through our remaining levels. It is also valuable and I recommend selling it on the Auction house if you aren’t going to use it for Alchemy or Inscription.

You can begin gathering in either Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra, they are both really good for gathering Goldclover.

Borean Tundra Herbalism

Howling Fjord Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 400-435

At level 400 it is time to move to Sholazar Basin. Here you can pick Tiger Lily and Goldclover while also picking up Adder’s Tongue. We are going to stay here until we get to level 435. At 435, we can finally pick Icethorn and Lichbloom in Storm Peaks.

Sholazar Basin Herbalism

Herbalism Levels 435-450

The final stretch! To finish off levels 435-450, we are going to head over to Storm Peaks. Follow this route to reach level 450 by picking Icethorn and Lichbloom. There is a ton of it here since Storm Peaks is a very large zone. Make sure to sell them in the Auction house because they can be very valuable!

Storm Peaks Herbalism

I hope you found this guide helpful and I’ll see you in the next one! Don’t forget to check out our Alchemy and Inscription Guides if you decide to level one of those with your Herbalism!