PVE TBC Ret Paladin DPS Guide (Short)


PVE TBC Ret Paladin DPS Guide (Short)

Paladin Guide

Patch: 2.4.3

Author: Legacy-WoW

PVE TBC Ret Paladin DPS Guide (Short)

TBC Paladin Guide


Welcome to our PVE Ret Paladin DPS guide for WoW TBC. This guide will show you what you need to know to play a Ret Paladin in dungeons and raids. This guide covers everything from talents to consumables. 


This is the standard Ret Paladin build for Dungeons and Raids. Once you reach high tier raids, you may want to adjust this build to match your gear and raid composition.

We only have 1/2 Improved Judgement, if you are a new player though 2/2 Improved Judgement will make your rotation much easier.

Having two talent points in Pursuit of Justice allows you to use the Formula: Enchant Boots – Dexterity enchant on your boots. Otherwise you should use the Enchant Boots – Cat’s Swiftness enchant.

Most of the time your raid will have a holy paladin who has Improved Blessing of Might. You may want to take this talent for dungeons where you are the only paladin though.

Blessing of Kings isn’t exactly from your tree but it is a welcome addition to any party. Blessing of Might requires 5 talent points and doesn’t do the spell casters any good.

I recommend using this standard build and once you get more experience playing a Paladin you can adjust it and make your own.

Standard Ret Paladin Build


Gems can change based on your build, equipment and caps. You may need to adjust your gems to account for your gear.

As far as yellow gems go, Etched Fire Opal is used to get your required hit rating. Inscribed PyrestoneEnscribed Fire Opal or Inscribed Noble Topaz are used to complete any socket bonuses that seem worth getting. Outside of those, you should fill all yellow sockets with red gems.

We only use blue sockets to activate our meta gem. You should only use as many blue gems as required for your meta gem and fill the rest with red gems.


You may need to adjust your enchants to your gear. 

If you have enchanting, Enchant Ring – Stats is really good to have on both rings.

BiS gear list

If you are interested in a Pre-Raid Bis gear list for your Ret Paladin, check out our guide here.

Stat Priority

  • Hit (9%, 3% from Precision talent)
  • weapon speed of 3.5 or higher

If you are a part of the Alliance you will be using Seal of Command. Your stat priority will be:

  1. Strength
  2. Armor Penetration
  3. Haste

If you are a part of the Horde you will be using Seal of Blood. Your stat priority will be:

  1. Strength
  2. Haste
  3. Armor Penetration

The priority is different because Seal of Blood benefits more from haste while Seal of Command benefits more from Armor Pen.


Maintain  Seal of Blood / Seal of Command to keep them up all the time.

Spam Crusader Strike and Judgement on cooldown.

If you have the excess mana and time you can use Consecration. This skill is not very useful on boss fights but can be helpful on the trash before bosses.

During a fight you should use Sanctity Aura although sometimes you will be required to use Devotion Aura.


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