Black Morass Attunement Guide (TBC)


Black Morass Attunement Guide (TBC)

Attunement Guide

Patch: 2.4.3

Author: Legacy-WoW

Black Morass Attunement Guide (TBC)

TBC Attunement Guides


The attunement process for The Black Morass is a quest chain that has you complete one run of Old Hillsbrad Foothills. So the best place to start is getting a group together to run Old Hillsbrad Foothills in the Caverns of Time.

  1. Pick up the quest To The Master’s Lair

    Once you enter the Caverns of Time, you need to talk to the Steward of Time. After talking to the Steward of Time, you will talk to Andormu.

  2. Turn in To The Master’s Lair and accept The Caverns of Time

    After you talk to Andormu, you can turn in To The Master’s Lair and then accept the quest The Caverns of Time. Carefully follow the NPC around until your quest finishes. If you get too far away you will have to restart and this quest takes a long time.

  3. Return to Andormu and turn in The Caverns of Time

    Once you turn in The Caverns of Time, Andormu will give you the quest Old Hillsbrad. At this point you want to get your group together and enter Old Hillbrad Foothills.

  4. Enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills and speak to Erozion

    Once you enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills, travel through the tunnel and then speak to Erozion at the end to turn in Old Hillsbrad.

  5. Erozion will give you the quest Taretha’s Diversion.

    After speaking to Erozion he will give you the quest Taretha’s Diversion. He will also give you a Pack of Incendiary Bombs which are needed to light buildings on fire.

  6. Use the dragon nearby to fly to the kee

    Talk to the dragon near Erozion to fly to the keep.

  7. Burn the buildings inside of the keep.

    Make your way to the lower level and set all 5 of the buildings on fire. Inside of each building, you will find a barrel you can place your Pack of Incendiary Bombs into.

  8. Enter the keep and talk to Thrall

    After burning all of the buildings proceed up the hill and enter the keep. Once inside, make your way down the staircase to the jail containing Thrall.

  9. Have everyone in your party pick up the quest.

    Once you talk to Thrall make sure everyone in your party has the quest before anyone begins it. Otherwise it will start and party members won’t receive credit.

  10. Accept Escape from Durnholde and follow Thrall to Tarren Mill.

    Once everyone has the quest, initiate the quest and escort Thrall to Tarren Mill. Keep him safe by killing enemies that spawn around him.

  11. Kill the final boss and watch the cutscene

    After you finish escorting Thrall the final boss will spawn. Once you kill him you will get to watch a cut scene to complete the quest.

  12. Return to the entrance

    After you have killed the final boss and completed your quest, return to Erozion at the entrance and turn the quest in. Next you will pick up Return to Andormu.

  13. Turn in Return to Andormu

    After talking to Erozion, exit Old Hillsbrad and talk to Andormu outside. Once you turn in Return to Andormu he will give you a new quest, The Black Morass. Once you have this quest in hand, you can run Black Morass!


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